Concrete Restoration

Concrete Deterioration

Road salt exposure / migration is the main cause of corrosion and expansion of internal reinforcing steel in concrete structures. This in turn leads to cracking, delaminations, and overall weakening of the concrete structure. Left untreated, deterioration will continue at an exponential rate resulting in reduced structural integrity and ultimately to structural collapse.

The Solution

At Mass Contracing we use industry leading concrete restoration methods and materials to restore structural integrity and load bearing capacity to concrete structures. We then use state of the art protection systems to guard against furture deterioration.

Concrete Removal & Relacement
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Systems
Grouting & Injecting
Sprayable Repair Mortars
Floor Overlays
Concrete Resurfacing
Protective Coating
Protective Lining
Traffic Topping
Joint Sealing

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